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Filling Text Animation Tutorial

Part II

by Storme Designs

waterfillgardenmystanimtnfin.gif (122775 bytes)

Now you have your filled text. 

Go to Layers and Merge Visible Layers.

waterfilltextmystmergevis.jpg (18916 bytes)

Now Save your graphic.

watertube.jpg (5930 bytes)

Now go to Save As and save as a paint shop pro image.

If using PSP, it should have the .psp extension.

I recommend saving as you go along

from the beginning in case your programs close for any reason,

while you are creating.  Then you can go back and start from

your last save.

Click on yourSelection tool and set it to rectangle.

waterfilltextmystselctrectng.jpg (8436 bytes)

Draw a rectangle over the top or your text, as in the picture

below. You want to remove a little of the text at a time.

waterfilltextmystcutslc.jpg (19653 bytes)

Then you want to click on your scissors and cut the selected

fill off of your text.  You can go to Edit and cut also, if your scissors

aren't showing.  Make sure you are on the same layer, as

you were on when you filled your text. 

You can add tubes with your text, if you like.  You

can add them now or go back after you are done

and add them.

Next, you go to Layers and Merge Visible Layers, as you did

above.  Then Save As and save as a paint shop pro image,

as you did above.

After it is saved, Click on Edit and Undo the merged layers.

waterundo.jpg (5455 bytes)

Click on the Layer again, which should be your third layer,

which has the flood fill for your text.

waterlaypal.jpg (12539 bytes)

The picture above shows the palette tool, the red and blue over-

lapping rectangles.  The tool opens your layer window, as shown

with the arrow below the tool in the picture above.  Then you click

on the layer. 

Now click on your Selection tool and make another rectangle

over your flood filled text again to remove more of the text.

Cut, Merge visible and save as image two.

Continue this until you remove all your text.  It can be from

one to about 13 saves.  You can take more or less text

depending on how fast you would like your text to fill or


You can add tubes as you go if you would like or go back

to your saved image and add them.  You do not have

to add to each frame, if you don't want to, can just add at the

beginning or end.

When you are finished and have your graphics saved,

you then launch your Animation shop.

Animation Shop(23930 bytes)

Your Animation Shop will open as a separate program.

Click - Part III, Animation - for the next part or return to Part I.

E-mail (6700 bytes)

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This was created with PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.



Text was refilled on Janurry 25, 2004.