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Filling Text Animation Tutorial

Part III -Animation

by Storme Designs

watermystdophinanimtndrnk.gif (69033 bytes)

Now on with the Filling or disappearing fill!

After you launched Animation Shop, you will open the

Animation Wizard.  Go to File and click on Animation Wizard.

waterwizard.jpg (8492 bytes)

The Wizard will open a box, as pictured below.

waterwizfirst.jpg (17880 bytes)

Click on Same size as the the first image frame.  Then, click

the Next button at the bottom of the box.  The box below

will appear.

watertransprt.jpg (7462 bytes)

Click on Transparent.  Then click the Next button at the bottom again.

waterframe.jpg (15990 bytes)

In this window, click on centered in the frame, and with the

same canvas color.  Then click Next at the bottom again.

watertime.jpg (8349 bytes)

Click on repeat the animation indefinitely and then how long you

want each frame displayed.  I chose 27 for the Garden one.

Then, yes, Click the next button.

wateraddimage.jpg (11398 bytes)

Now click on Add Image and add the images you saved to create

your animation.  You can add them one at a time or hold down your

Control key, click on each one you wish to add, and they will

be added all at once.  If you do that, then move them up or down

in the order you saved them.  Now if you want the opposite

effect, of emptying, then add them from last saved to first

saved or vice versa.  Now click the Next button.

waterfinish.jpg (8858 bytes)

The above will show.  Click the finish button at the bottom.

Your animation will now show as pictures in frames, as below.

waterframes.jpg (15199 bytes)

You can view your animation or just save it.

waterview.jpg (8429 bytes)

After you view it click it off, then save your framed image.

When you click on save as your gif optimization wizard will

open.  You can save with the defaults or use my settings


waterquality.jpg (23741 bytes)


Click the Next button and the Next button after the next

window and then the Finish buttons, and your animation

is saved.  I always save twice just in case one doesn't save

correctly.  Also, I've learned if you've been doing a lot of

graphic work, the animation may not save, if you've used

too much resources or memory.  So you may want

to shut down your computer and then reboot and work in

The Animation Shop.

Hope you enjoyed the Tutorial!

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The Garden(114952 bytes)

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