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Filling Text Animation Tutorial

Part I

by Storme Designs

welcomewaterdolphnupmystanimtn.gif (63698 bytes)

This was not my original idea.  I saw something similar at another

site and tried following their tutorial and couldn't.  It could be that I

have a different PSP version, then they created their tutorial with.

So, I made this tutorial using a different method, than the one I saw.


If anyone has questions, feel free to write me.  Make sure

you put a subject line in like the word tutorial, I delete

unknown mail, due to viruses and spam.


I have made this graphic heavy showing basic PSP tools

for beginners.


You can make the Water fill up or empty or use colors as

in the one I am using for the tutorial. 


Let's Begin!

Open a new image.  The size is up to you.  I used 534x534.

waterfilltextmystnewimag.jpg (24090 bytes)

I always create a new layer.  In case of mistakes etc., you can

delete the layer you do not need and redo on a new layer.

First put your foreground to the color black and set your back-

ground to nil [click the end of the second box underneath the

styles box under the Paint Shop color palette, as in the picture below. 

waterfilltextmystblackniltxt.jpg (4183 bytes)

Now, we click on our text tool, which is the letter A in our tool bar.

waterfilltextmysttexttool.jpg (1857 bytes)

Select the font your would like, I used different ones, but the one I'm

using below is Vogue. Write your text.  I chose size 48.   You can 

waterfilltextmysttextopen.jpg (25087 bytes)

make it larger or smaller, as you like.  Make sure the black is the stroke

box and the fill box is nil.  Make sure floating and antialias are checked on.

Click okay.  Your text should look like the below graphic.

waterfilltextmysthaveplaingarden.jpg (12669 bytes)

Select None and then

waterfilltextmystmnone.jpg (9438 bytes)

Click on a new raster layer.

waterfillnewlay.jpg (7593 bytes)

Next choose what you would like to fill your graphic with, a

solid color or pattern.  I used the floral background on this page.

Click on your magic wand tool and click inside the letters of your text.

waterfilltextmystmwand.jpg (13192 bytes)

Hold down the shift button to select all your letters at once, if you

want to do them at the same time.  Then go to Selections, Modify

Modify (18986 bytes)

and click on Expand or Feather set to one. 

Expand(11798 bytes)

Then flood fill your Text.

Now to create the filling or drinking effect.

On to Part II.

E-mail(6700 bytes)

If you use any of our Graphics or share this Tutorial, please

provide a link back to our home page or

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This was created with PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.



         This page was edited on January 25, 2004.