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Welcome (6744 bytes)

Garden of Friendship Wing

at Storme Millennium


On this page are various graphic gifts from members and friends in the Garden

of Friendship.

gofdeeseptwelcome.jpg (23864 bytes)

Thank you to the wonderful Garden Of Friendship members for the warm welcome!

gofwelcomesol.jpg (17140 bytes)

gofwelcomegiftmyst.jpg (29182 bytes)


If you would like more information on the Garden of Friendship click on the

graphic below. 

Garden of Friends (16123 bytes)

I am on the Site Review Committee for the Garden also.

gofsitervwmysty.jpg (11175 bytes)


I am a member of the Garden's Tutorial Group.  The group tries different graphic tutorials,

as they can and vote for their favorite creation.  A fun way to learn and try new 


I won second place in won of the challenges for a Pole-sign tutorial.

I've tried a few challenges and hope to try more. 

I'll eventually be putting them online through my graphic site

Storme Millennium Graphics Platform.

I was proud to recently receive the above graphic!


I recently joined the Garden's Quilters Group.

Links to Quilts are beloe


I was on the html committee for the Garden before it closed,

but the tutorials are still on line.

html committee(21325 bytes)

I have written a few tutorials to help beginners.

Html committee (11489 bytes)

They are mirrored at my  Tutorial site.


I won third place in a poetry contest at the Garden!

What an honor! Thank you voters!



  I won 2nd place in a Valentine Graphic  

Contest!  the games committee is very active!

Above is my lovely award and below is my Graphic!

I entered one of the St. Patrick's Day contest and one third place for my decorated Shamrock!

                Thank you voters!             

          Hope all your holidays are special!         

Above award was part of the Garden's 4th birthday celebration!

     I played word bingo for the first time! Try it!


I've been with the Garden for over three years!


More one year and two year celebration Graphics at My Garden Wing Gallery.


I receive lovely poems, gifts and writings from GrammyJ from the Garden.

Click on the graphic and read her garden story.

grammy j (16765 bytes)

She Brightens my day and many more members!

Her gifts and more will be added to my  Garden Wing Gallery

and Garden Wing Gallery II.


The Garden Made beautiful Pages and graphics to

celebrate my husband's and my Anniversary.

Thanks to the Garden, all those who contributed and special

thanks to Ashley for creating such Beautiful pages!

Please visit Our Anniversary from the Garden 2003.

Please visit Our Anniversary Garden of Friendship 2004

wonderful pages and gifts.


For my Birthday, as they do for most members, they made a beautiful site

at Mysty's Birthday 2003 and Birthday Quilt.

Please visit the wonderful Birthday site and graphics they generously created

for my 2004 Birthday and the special Quilt!

Thanks to all who contributed and especially the Special Events Committee,

who made the day extra special!

I've recently created a Quilt site at Storme Quilt, which has many of

the Garden's quilt squares on it.


Many of the wonderful Garden flowers and Angels have visited  with gifts.


More angel gifts are at my Garden Angel Wing Gallery.  Please visit.


The Garden recently celebrated it's Fourth Birthday online!

I celebrated by making the above graphic, and received many wonderful

graphics and thoughts below.


A new page for lovely gifts from the Blossoms is at Storme's Blossom Garden.


Thank you to all for the lovely graphics!


The Garden recently lost a dear member.


Memorial pages for Birdlady  are at

Birdlady quilt (5282 bytes)

I have other memorial squares on my Quilts.

Please visit Storme Millennium Quilt.


Please post your visit in our Guestmap.


Free Guestmap from Bravenet Free Guestmap from Bravenet


mail (2169 bytes)


Storme Designs (5065 bytes)


My Garden of Friendship Main page is at the Garden of Friendship Wing.

Other gifts and graphics from members is at the Garden of Friendship Gallery Wing

and Garden Friendship Gallery Wing II.

My angel gifts from the Garden are at the Garden of Friendship Angel Wing.

My Gifts from the Garden's Blossoms are At Storme's Blossom Garden.


 I joined the Garden of Friendship Quilter's Club and made a

  name Quilt at Millennium GOF Quilter's Name Quilt

and Name Quilt 2.

A Quilt with squares from Garden of Friendship Members

 is at Millennium Friendship Garden Quilt.


I am a member of the Tutorial Group with the Garden.

I have a Tutorial results page and you can visit the TNT Group.


Join the Garden of Friendship Today!


The Garden graciously created Birthday 2003 and Anniversary 2003 pages for us.

Please visit my Birthday  2004 or Anniversary 2004 pages and see the beautiful work they do!

Anniversary 2005 and 2005 Quilt.

Birthday 2005

Birthday 2006


Visit the Garden at





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The Counter was added September 10, 2004.

               The Garden Wing was refreshed on May 30, 2008.                  

We thank Bravenet for hosting our Garden Wing.