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Kalaided Mosaic Tube Tutorial

by Storme Designs

This was created in PSP 7
to have fun creating with different filters!

It uses the Toadies and Simple filters

First open a new image. 

I used 591 by 591 transparent , 16.7  million colors,  72.000 resolution

Click on Layers, new raster layer. You can name it Kalaid.
Choose the tube of your choice and copy and paste it to the Kalaid layer.
The size and type of tube is up to you.
Medium to small works best. 
The first one I did had a handle and worked best.  You can see the pitcher in my graphic above.  So I added a little handle to the next one I did, when I didn't like the results as much. It's up to you if you want a handle.  You can play with all different tubes to get an effect you like.  If you have your tube in your PSP program.  You can just use your tube tool to create a handle, as you can see below. I made the tube smaller for the handle shape.  You can try circles around it or any shape you like.

Then go to your Simple filter and click on the Pizza Slice Mirror.
and below is the result.

Without the handle, My result was

Now create a new layer.  You can name it the name of your tube. Mine is flag.
Size and place your tube, where you would like it and apply a drop shadow to make it stand out, if you like.

I used horizontal and vertical at 2, opacity 87 and blur 18.5.
You can add more tubes or not.

Make sure your layers palette is open.  Its the small red and blue
layered squares in your tool bar, as in the picture below.

Now click on layer 1 in your layers palette

You can go to your layers in the tool bar or right click with your mouse on the layer palette to open a new layer.  Name this one flood.
Have some fun now.  Take your tube copy it or use your tube tool and cover the layer with your tube.

Now click on your effects and the Toadies filter.  Choose Mosaic Blur, but you can try the others. 
My setting for this were
cell width and height 44
cell edges 87
You can play with the settings for a look you like.  You just want to keep your edges even.

Now you can leave your background dark or lighten it,
as I did.  You go to your layers palette and move the tiny white arrows on the left before the Normal box.   You slide it until you get the opacity or lightness you like I chose 48.

Now you can leave your kalaid layer as is, as I did on the pink pitcher graphic above or add a drop shadow, the same as you did for the tube layer.

Now go to layers and click on Merge all, Flatten.

Select a color for your border.  A light to medium color works best.
Now go to Image, Add Border and

choose symmetric 22, when the window opens.
You can choose a different size if you like.

Click on your Magic Wand tool with feather and tolerance set to zero and RGB value for the match mode, the one with the blue around it

and select your border by clicking on it with the wand tool.

Go to effects, Toadies and Mosaic blur again.
I used 11 for my cell width and height and 83 for my edges.
Toadies has two other mosaics you can play with as well as the one in psp.

Go to effects, 3D, Drop Shadow.
Apply a Drop Shadow
vertical and horizontal both set at 4
opacity 95
blur 12.3 color black

Repeat the Drop Shadow all the same, but change the vertical and horizontal to minus 4, -4.
or use any setting you prefer.

Now add another border changing the size to 15.
Selct your Toadies, mosaic blur again.
Settings set to
vertical and horizonal to 7 and 56 for cell edges.
Go to PSP effects, 3D, Inner Bevel with settings

the round bevel, pie corner. Width 2, smoothness 13, depth 2, ambience 9, shininess 58, color white, angle 315, intensity 57 and elevation 20.

For the pink graphic at the top I had applied the minus 4 shadow before the bevel and had wider mosaic cells .

You're Done!

The example I did came large, so I resized it by 75 %.
or you can add text, tubes or corners!

I did the Welcome graphic on the top of the page after and used the Picasso's Another Word from the Toadie's filter for the border, and liked it better - Try It!



If you have any questions, send mail.



You may copy and use these graphics with a link back to

Storme Designs.

The graphics cannot be altered without our permission.

Please visit our Care site listing missing children, thank you.


Remember to always right click

and save them to your own computer. If you are new to this

or the web, please click on the e-mail graphic and write us for help.


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This was created with PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.

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