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  This page is to join with others and list issues of caring and importance and supply

links, where each individual can aid another. We all can brighten a child's day simply

by signing a Guestbook or visiting a Web page! Find out how and then

click the links below!  

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Please let us know if any have been found.

If I do not have contact and since many of the links no longer work,

I will eventually remove some of the current information.

I'm sorry I do not have the time to update often, but do appreciate

your stopping by and advising of updates.


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Please visit Lil' Brucie's Warrior Page.  He is a child fighting a

battle against brain tumors.  Please sign his guestbook, when you visit.

You can watch  video of this brave fighter at  Bruce's warrior video.

Aleah Coultas was abducted by Sarah Mullikin in 2/1/02 from Springfield, IL. T

he child was abducted by her non-custodial mother, Sarah Eden Mullikin.

A Felony Warrant was issued for the abductor on February 13, 2002.

They may have left the state and traveled to Washington.

They may also be traveling with another child. The abductor

has a tattoo of a dragon on her left shoulder blade.


I have no site to verify this one, received through email. A mother is

looking for her daughter, Shyanne Josephine Godron-Wood. She is only

one year old, she has short blonde curly hair and blue eyes. She is

about 20" tall and weighs about 20 pounds, she was last seen wearing a

Purple Jumper with Flowers on the collar and light blue jelly sandals. 

Last seen June 9, 2000 at 11:30 a.m. in Henderson, Nevada with

Joseph Michael Wood ashaymiss.jpg (4121 bytes)white male at approximately

6'0" and weighs 185. He is 38 years old but appears to look only about

25-28 years old. He has a shaved head, has green eyes and a dark

brown/black goatee, (it is possible that he may have shaved his goatee)

he usually wears a baseball cap or cowboy hat. He has a tattoo on each

of his calf's, the one on his leftleg is of Captain Morgan and the right

leg is of a little Mexican man. He drives a 1989 White Pontiac

Bonneville with New York license plate number Z516JD. His

occupation usually consists of Bartending or Sales. He frequently

hangs out at a Gym. He has a serious medical condition and gets very

dizzy and delusional per the mother, and fears he may black out and

endanger her child. It is believed they were headed towards Greenville,

North Carolina or Ithaca, New York or even Southern California near

Ventura or Santa Barbara. If you see them Please do not hesitate to

call the Henderson Nevada Police at 702-565-8933 or

Child Seekers at 702-458-7009.



A mother is looking for her son eric2.jpg (9555 bytes) Eric Ware McFarland.

He is 23 years old. He likes computers and to travel. He has not been heard

from since December 1999 and last contacted his family in September.

He is partially paralyzed on the left side. Left leg has scars on Achilles tendon

from surgeries. Please contact the Arlington Police Department Diane Brown,

Investigator, 620 West Division Street, Arlington TX 76011, Phone -

817-459-5316 with any information. His mother said he has been depressed

in the past. The link for his mother's page is no longer working.

Bridget Lee McClellan Nickens nickens.jpg (6851 bytes)and Allison Elizabeth

McClellan Nickens are believed to have been taken by William Edward

Benedict, 41, who at times uses the alias, Vincent Joseph Martinez Gomez.

The twin girls, age 6, and their abductor may be traveling in a four-door

maroon 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity with Virginia license plates YUF5174.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to call police at

(703) 792-6500 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited

Children at (800) 843-5678. The link for this info is no longer working.


Aja, Syna and Alixander Morse are afraid.

They were kidnapped by their mother Eugia Morse over three years ago. She

was incarcerated and released. The family is fighting visitation, and

recently had a rock thrown through a window. They are requesting that

caring people right to the judge to prevent this. The story of their

reported ordeal while in hiding is at APART, a site about

abductions, please visit.

Vivian (5891 bytes)Click on her picture for link to this child's father's site for

information. Those in support of missing children are trying to have the following

law passed in all of the United States. Vivian's Law - says that thirty days

after a child is kidnapped that the parent can ask that the child is made a ward

of the state. The state then becomes responsible for the financial burden of

finding the child. What's more, state agencies can then coordinate the

search for the child using state funds. As of May 27, 2002 Vivian is still

missing.  She has a birth mark on her left hip. She is over 7 years old now.

You can write to her father at

Brian Cunningham Brian (7176 bytes) 5'6', 140 lbs. and sandy hair and

blue eyes, has been missing from Cleveland, Tennessee since April 15, 1999.

If you see him or have any information, please call the Cleveland,

Tennessee police at 615- 476 - 7511.


Greg, 8 and Christina, 7 gregchr.jpg (4847 bytes)may have been, allegedly,

taken by their natural mother. She does not have custody, and may have

gone to Texas. The picture is almost a year old. If you have any

information  please contact or

call 314 - 947 - 8419 or 314 - 708 -1588.


Elizabeth Doerring may be in dangerelizabeth(2516 bytes) Her family

is looking for her. She is from Des Moines, Iowa, a white female,

5'6" slender build, red hair and blue eyes. She has been missing

since March 1999, and was seen with a man 3x her age. Please contact or the Des Moines police at 515-283 - 4811,

if you have information or have seen her.


Erica Baker, 9 years oldErica (5932 bytes)has been missing from

Dayton, Ohio, since February 7, 1999. She did not return home after

walking her dog, a gray and white Shih Tzu. The dog was later found

by a school alone. Erica has not been found yet after an extensive

search. She weighs about 65 pounds and is 3 feet eleven inches in

height. Her eyes are hazel in color.  If she looks familiar or you have

any information, please contact the Ketting Ohio police at

937 - 296 - 2555. This information was also announced on

television's America's Most Wanted in July 1999.


On August 8, 1998 Marc Copeland, 6 years old, was kidnapped

from Dillsboro, North Carolina. He had lived with his mother, who

was sole provider, for those six years. He was kidnapped prior to a

custody hearing. He had blonde hair, blue eyes and was 60 lbs.

There are warrants out for the father.

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The link is not working.


Jill Behrman, an IUB student and daughter of Eric and Marilyn

Behrman, was last seen riding her bicycle in the area of Harrell

Road and Moffett Lane in Bloomington, Indiana, on Wednesday, May

31, at approximately 9:30 a.m. Her bike was found afterwards.

Jill Behrman is 19 years old, jill(2684 bytes)5 feet 7 inches tall,

with brown hair, a tan complexion, blue eyes and an athletic build.

A reward was being offered call (812) 349-3313. The link is no

longer working.


Please send updates, if you have information or someone has been

found etc or you can verify information.


Many of you may know that the missing child Christin Lamb was

murdered by her 22 year old neighbor and sentenced to life

imprisonment without parole. The Christian Lamb Foundation was

formed in her memory. The site now lists missing children, and the

foundation accepts donations to help find them.

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Nadia was abducted by her father and is now being held at gunpoint

as a hostage in Syria. UPDATE- Senator Robb in Virginia brought

Nadia's plight to a Senate Session. Many thanks to Pierce McGill,

who brought the child's plight to the attention of many! Letters

have actually helped!  The breakthrough is mainly due to the Badd Teddy

Nadia (13614 bytes)

site and the Knights of Kindness! Below is the National Center for Missing

and Exploited Children's link with pictures of missing children. Please check

it out and visit their site.

Here is a link to sign a petition to fight against Pedophilia,

Fight Pedophilia. You will find links there, and a petition to sign to

help safeguard our children in the future. 

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UNICEF has many ongoing causes around the world to help others.

Click UNICEF and visit their site, where you can sign up for

their newsletters and updates. At present they are asking for

support to stop child labor in third world countries.  They also have

web cards.  At present they have a campaign for orphaned



Satern is a Salvation Army site.  They have a form to fill out

that will help you check on a loved one if a disaster hits and

want to check on them.


A new site which we do not have information on, but may be

helpful is Public Data..  The site lists and has a search for criminals

in every state. 


Code Amber has a Sex Offender registry by state.

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If you would like an item or issue listed here, please write.

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Many of you are probably aware of the Care2 site. They support

protecting the environment and wildlife, especially the Rainforest.

They work with sponsors so that every time you click a link at their

site, a sponsor gives $l.00 to their cause. They also have online

cards to send. Please visit and help protect our world.


Please sign our Guestbook.

Free Guestbook from Bravenet Free Guestbook from Bravenet

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Please remember never to leave a child alone in a vehicle for

one minute or longer whether the car is on or off -

sleeping child(ren) can waken in a second!

We support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Please click above and check out their site. If you see any of the

children please call 1-800-The LOST (1-800-843-5678), thank you.


Many have lost loved ones sent over to fight the war in Iraq.

For a complete list of those heroes with pictures visit

CNN's complete list.



If you stopped by our page, please click here

Stome Central Millennium Link Page, and add your page for us to visit.


This heartColumbine heart (6732 bytes)is in memory of those at Columbine. Click

the heart and remember, become part of the solution.


If a long time goes by and we cannot verify information, it will eventually

be removed, so please update us through the mail link.


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This page was last update May 14, 2012.


We are not responsible for wrong information, but we do ask if possible

that any knowledge of such be passed along for the sake of the children, thanks.

We do not know the validity of all information, if for any reason

it is not correct, please advise us and it will be removed. In no

way are we responsible for the information, we do take

full responsibility for CARING.


Caring begins with you and through Bravenet.